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Something not many of my friends know about - my passion for roadside trees. Please support this blog so more people are aware of the need to preserve a beautiful part of our city. Click on "Tell me about your roadside tree" at the top to submit a beautiful picture of a tree.
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More trees from Fort Canning! (Taken with instagram)

They board up the view first. Chop off the trees and then when they finally remove it, the beautiful trees are gone!!!!

The destruction of the beautiful green space at Hillview Avenue has begun. We don’t want flats and condos there! Share this note if you agree!!!!

"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts." - C S Lewis

Someone needs to tell this to the condo developer at Hillview Ave field!

Why are they clearing trees at Fort Canning???


The next time you’re in the great outdoors and find yourself in need of anything from aspirin to toilet paper, take a look around and help yourself to some of the Earth’s most useful wild plants.
10 remarkably useful plants you can find in the wild

Loving this post from Mother Nature’s Network!

Loving this chair! Is there a place in Singapore selling furniture made from recycled stuff?

(via mothernaturenetwork)